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Who We Are?

The Africa Polls (TAP) is Africa’s premier platform for tracking, reporting and showcasing African excellence.


“Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives: At TAP we envision an Africa where media serves as a catalyst for positive change, enlightenment, and entertainment. Our unwavering commitment is to inspire, inform, and engage audiences through innovative and meaningful content that reflects excellence in the continent. We strive to be the premier media company that transcends boundaries, fosters diversity, and champions the power of storytelling


“At TAP our mission is to be the beacon of excellence, truth, storytelling, and cultural enrichment in Africa. We are committed to delivering high-quality, diverse, and innovative media content that informs, entertains, and empowers our audiences across the continent. We are committed to amplifying African voices, narratives, and creativity, fostering a deep sense of pride in our rich heritage and a shared vision for a prosperous future.


TAP adopts clear and well-established metrics, data, case studies, best practice, benchmark, among others to track, report and showcase African excellence in business, politics, and other critical sectors.
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